Zebec can help you generate electrical power from your steam system

Screw expander technology is well established and has been used in compressors for many years. Heliex have expanded the range of applications and developed the technology for high temperature steam expansion.


Heliex Technology

Heliex's rotary steam screw expander technology is simpler and more robust than turbines – fewer parts, lower speeds, accepts fluctuating mass flow rates and pressure, not sensitive to steam quality and is not damaged by wet steam.  The “N” profile rotors gives pure rolling contact and low contact forces which results in exceptional efficiency and reliability.  The design results in a large cost saving for the expander by elimination of synchronising gears.


Features of Heliex Technology

  • Simple and reliable
  • Versatile
  • Rapid deployment and re-deployment
  • Accepts fluctuating mass flow rates, pressures and quality.
  • Onboard G59 Metering and Synchronisation

Heliex Steam Pressure Reduction

The Heliex system replaces the steam pressure reduction valve or pressure letdown valve in steam distribution systems. Electricity is generated using low-grade steam from this system. The electricity can be sold to the grid or used in-house.

Heliex-Diagram 2-700x522


Heliex Waste Heat Recovery

The Heliex system has its own boiler and condenser. Integrating a Heliex unit allows the extraction of energy from a flow of hot gas. The energy is recovered through electricity generation.

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Zebec provides the technical expertise to assist in the maximisation of energy recovery from waste heat and wet steam.


Services Only

You retain ownership and financial control. Zebec provides the necessary technical, feasibility and engineering studies.

Risk Management

Zebec underwrite the initial feasibility study. You can invest at a later stage once the feasibility has been proven.


Zebec and other project partners form a joint venture to deliver the project. You decide on your level of involvement.