Zebec can help you generate electrical power from your steam system

The Heliex steam screw expander is a "step change" solution to recover electrical power from process steam systems.

Product 1


Steam Flow
3.0 t/h
Power Output
60-160 kWe
Max.Inlet Pressure
15 Bar
PRV, WHR, boiler enhancement
Product 2


Steam Flow
8.0 t/h
Power Output
180-500 kWe
Max.Inlet Pressure
20 Bar
PRV, WHR, boiler enhancement

HP145 Specification

Worldwide there is an estimated 40,000GWhe of energy lost from steam systems. The Heliex Steam expander provides a method to recover some of these losses.

The key benefits of the Heliex steam screw expander are:

  • Reduced energy costs e.g. replacement of inefficient PRVs with Heliex Expanders.
  • Opportunity for enhanced electricity output from waste heat sources and engines.
  • Opportunity to recover energy from steam which is too an low output and quality to use conventional technologies e.g. vented steam.
  • Additional revenues from electrical sales and Green Allowances (depending on Market and application).
  • Stand alone compact, low maintenance installation suitable for all industrial environments, noise abated and ATEX approved versions are available.
  • Carbon footprint reduction.

Heliex expander systems are self-contained skid mounted generator sets incorporating G59 protection. They are designed to sit on normal factory floors or roadways without special foundations.

The Heliex units are transportable by forklift truck and are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Zebec will connect the steam or heat source input and output piping, the power output electrical cable, and a single phase electrical supply for control and instrumentation.

Summary of HP145 Specification

HP145 Table 1 New



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Heliex specification

All Heliex gensets utilise ComAp Technology and Software providing on site or remote monitoring to manage the performance and operation of each unit.


Zebec provides the technical expertise to assist in the maximisation of energy recovery from waste heat and wet steam.