Zebec can help you generate electrical power from your steam system

Heliex's screw expander systems can be applied to many processes that produce waste heat, including wet steam.

Waste heat recovery

Waste Heat Recovery - WHR

The Heliex steam screw expander delivers rapid payback. For most projects a payback of less than three years can be achieved.

Zebec uses process integration and pinch methods to understand all of the impacts and effects of expander integration. Where we identify an opportunity the Zebec team will carry out a site survey to calculate the economic case. This identifies all costs and the savings and revenue that will accrue expressed as an Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value.

Typical project lifecycle for Heliex integration:

  • Economic appraisal.
  • Feasibility study.
  • Detailed proposal.

Raising steam from hot exhaust gases

  • Exhaust gas heat exchanger circuit to be installed on hot air source to raise steam.
  • Exhaust gas temperatures from 200 – 500oC.
  • Circuit comprises - condenser, cooler, feedwater pump and feedwater treatment.
  • Possibility to install Organic Rankine Cycle engine in place of condenser to increase electrical output.
  • Improve CHPQA score or develop Waste to Energy “Heat Plan”.

Example applications include exhausts from Landfill and Biogas gas engines and Glass furnaces.

Zebec-Heliex-Diagram 3-700x424

Waste Heat Recovery - Power Generation Economics



Zebec provides the technical expertise to assist in the maximisation of energy recovery from waste heat and wet steam.


Services Only

You retain ownership and financial control. Zebec provides the necessary technical, feasibility and engineering studies.

Risk Management

Zebec underwrite the initial feasibility study. You can invest at a later stage once the feasibility has been proven.


Zebec and other project partners form a joint venture to deliver the project. You decide on your level of involvement.