Zebec can help you generate electrical power from your steam system

Heliex Boiler Power Enhancement technology can enhance "spare" boiler capacity to generate electricity from process steam.

Boiler power enhancement

Boiler Power Enhancement

Using “spare” boiler capacity to generate steam (pressure and/or mass flow).

  • Boiler being used under capacity e.g. operating at 8 barg but designed for 18 barg.
  • Increase boiler pressure, subject to design and control modifications, to design pressure 18 barg.
  • Pass steam through expander to return steam to original operating pressure 8 barg.
  • Generate electricity without investment in fuel conversion capital equipment (engine, boiler and associated equipment).

Boiler Power Enhancement UK Economics



Zebec provides the technical expertise to assist in the maximisation of energy recovery from waste heat and wet steam.


Services Only

You retain ownership and financial control. Zebec provides the necessary technical, feasibility and engineering studies.

Risk Management

Zebec underwrite the initial feasibility study. You can invest at a later stage once the feasibility has been proven.


Zebec and other project partners form a joint venture to deliver the project. You decide on your level of involvement.