Solutions for heat and power generation with Anaerobic Digestion.

If you feel exposed to energy price fluctuation and you have an environmental conscience about your waste then a biogas plant could work for you.

Scheme appraisal

Biogas scheme appraisal

Building a plant

Building a biogas plant involves many different processes and requires an understanding of aspects of land use, government legislation, contract commisioning, feed stock surveying, construction, financial modelling and much more.

The type of plant can vary from a local farm based digestion facility to a large scale plant serving an entire region.
Zebec would be interested in discussing any requirements and would suggest the process below as a starting point:

Initial evaluation

  1. Get in touch and tell us about your waste, or process by-products (type, daily quantities, physical properties, etc.)
  2. Tell us your energy needs & requirements
  3. Tell us about a site which you think might be appropriate for such a facility

This will form the basis of a preliminary evaluation, which will check if your project is viable at all.

Preliminary Engineering

If the project appears viable, the next stage is to produce a preliminary feasibility report. This will be an essential document that will allow you to define the cost and potential risks in proceeding with the development.
Typically, financial institutions will require you to lock up construction permits, feedstock supply agreements, energy purchase agreements, and environmental authorization before they provide funds. All of which Zebec can manage or advise you on.

Detailed Engineering, Procurement and Construction

You will require complete plans, tender documents and equipment specifications. this will allow you to engage with the correct contractors and purchase the appropriate equipment for your project. Zebec has the experience to manage this process and the knowledge and contacts to ensure value for money.

A biogas plant is like an animal. You must feed it every day and feed it the right material in the right quantities. Just like an animal if you don’t take good care of it, it will become ill and will yield poor results. But get the balance right, supply the right ingedients and manage it well and you will reap the rewards.

Get In Touch

Find out how Zebec might be able to help design and implement the right technology for your site. 0141 440 1434


Zebec provides the opportunity to identify the value of your land and organic waste streams


Services Only

You retain ownership and financial control. Zebec provides the necessary technical, feasibility and engineering studies.

Risk Management

Zebec underwrite the initial feasibility study. You can invest at a later stage once the feasibility has been proven.


Zebec and other project partners form a joint venture to deliver the project. You decide on your level of involvement.