About Us

About Us

Zebec works with leading organizations in the private, public and social sectors.

At Zebec, we believe that we have a culture that encourages employees to develop in an environment where excellence is recognised and rewarded.

Key People - Martin Gorevan NEW

Email: Martin Gorevan
Tel: +44 (0)141 440 1434

Martin Gorevan

Managing Director

Company development and innovation


Key People - Andrew Jenkins NEW

Email: Andrew Jenkins
Tel: +44 (0)141 440 1434

Andrew Jenkins

Technical and Operations Director

Operations, Technical Direction, Design, Management, Strategy

About Andrew
Andrew Jenkins is Technical and Operations Director of Zebec Biogas Ltd.  In this role he takes responsibility for managing the design and operations for Scotland’s largest Anaerobic Digester plant.

Andrew is Chemical Engineer and has been involved development, design and operations in a variety of Energy, Waste and Environmental Projects over a 25 year career.


Key People - Simon Glen NEW

Email: Simon Glen
Tel: +44 (0)141 440 1434

Simon Glen

Hydro Development

Hydro, Hydropower, Feasibility, Business Development, GIS

About Simon
Hydro Development Director at Zebec Energy. Zebec Hydro provides a turnkey service in the development, design, funding, construction and maintenance of small to medium scale run of river hydro power schemes in the UK. 

We proactively identify opportunities and provide revenue generating projects to landowners, estates, farmers and public bodies who wish to exploit the opportunities identified by Zebec Hydro for electricity generation utilising their water assets.


Key People - Ian Soutar NEW

Email: Ian Soutar
Tel: +44 (0)141 440 1434

Ian Soutar


Operational effectiveness, environmental legislation, financial management. 

About Ian
Ian possesses a strong economic and business understanding, which combined with his experience in the sector, allows him to refine the operations and service strategy. 

With substantial experience in the waste industry sector, including energy from waste and animal by-product incineration, Ian has first-hand knowledge of environmental regulation and works to ensure the highest level of compliance with all relevant legislation and industry best practice. 



Zebec provides the opportunity to identify the value of your land and organic waste streams


Services Only

You retain ownership and financial control. Zebec provides the necessary technical, feasibility and engineering studies.

Risk Management

Zebec underwrite the initial feasibility study. You can invest at a later stage once the feasibility has been proven.


Zebec and other project partners form a joint venture to deliver the project. You decide on your level of involvement.